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Best Tips to succeed in long term forex investment

Posted by admin 29/09/2013 Comments are off 766 views

Have you decided to get into a dive for long term investment in forex trade? If so then you surely should be aware of what long term investment can bring to you and how you can make successful business moves by using long term investments in your currency trading strategies. Long term investments are best […]

The Key Principles Of Success In Forex Trading

Posted by admin 29/09/2013 Comments are off 705 views

Though there are no hard and fast principles of success in forex trading as the rules vary from person to person because there are no specific rules of the market there are just legal formalities that market follows and a person has to work according to the limitations that he suggests for himself. But still […]

Factors that shape the forex market trends

Posted by admin 29/09/2013 Comments are off 788 views

What determines profits and losses in the forex market? Trends of the forex market. Profits and losses are created by the fluctuations in the prices of the currencies. Trends vary in the short run and long run. Consistent short run fluctuations shape up long term trends. So how do these trends come about? The factors […]

Are you a successful Forex trader?

Posted by admin 29/09/2013 Comments are off 671 views

Are you the object of envy of your friends because you make big money with trading and they can’t stop their losses? Or are you the one who makes losses and watch your friends with envy? What actually defines a successful forex trader? Why are some so successful and others not? Are they telepathic? Yes, […]

Top 5 Tips Of Raising Your Profits Bar On Forex

Posted by admin 29/09/2013 Comments are off 618 views

Are you tired of making safe choices and ultimately not ending up enough profit? Do you want to climb the ladder of success with fast yet safe steps? Well these tips have been made for you then. These tips will help you maximize your profits, and ensure that you are earning a good annual amount. […]

Save A Small Fortune On Forex Courses

Posted by admin 24/09/2013 Comments are off 636 views

With so much free information available on the internet about forex trading, the question arises of, do you really need a course? The first thing you need to understand is the basic mechanics of forex trading, how to buy and sell, what does leverage mean, how to position size, what is risk/reward, this is all […]

Types Of Forex Orders.

Posted by admin 24/09/2013 Comments are off 658 views

First of all there is the basic element of the forex trade of whether you are buying or selling, going long or short, taking a bull trade or a bear trade. But also you can place pending orders, stop orders and take profit orders, depending on time, price or both, different platforms will give you […]

Forex Indicies

Posted by admin 24/09/2013 Comments are off 653 views

A forex index measures the value of a currency compared to a basket of different currencies, and this information can be a useful tool in your trading arsenal. The two main available indices are USDX and EURX, the British Pound does have an index but is not as popular as it once was before the […]

Forex Scaling

Posted by admin 24/09/2013 Comments are off 805 views

A very popular method for winning forex trades is to scale out profits, as the trade moves in your favour you take part profits along the way. A much less popular method is to scale in, which is to add to winning positions, and is much frowned upon by many traders, but logically there is […]

Which Foreign Exchange Trading Style Suits You?

Posted by admin 24/09/2013 Comments are off 657 views

Foreign exchange trading has many roads leading to success – or failure. Since it is not a mathematical science, there is no one method or style that you can adopt to guarantee success. Rather, it’s a process of understanding various key foreign exchange price analysis, commanding a set of well matched indicators and, ultimately, selecting […]

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