Do You Need Forex Training?

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Forex Training for Trading

This article looks at the different methods of forex training available and what you should be looking for.

If you wish to trade in the foreign exchange market, you need to undertake some form of forex training.  You have the option of learning on your own, but the result will be losses once you start trading in the live environment.  Statistics indicate that more than 90% of new traders lose their initial investment within the first six months of trading.


There is a range of forex training options available to you.  You can opt for books and eBooks and try to educate yourself.  You can find several videos and online seminars that you can view for more information.  Some of the courses are available online or by attending seminars and training courses in person.

You have the choice of obtaining audio or video courses and the facility to sign up for newsletters that you will receive on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  These newsletters take you through the basics of trading and various other sections of forex trading.  There are so many websites that offer training ranging from the beginning to the more advanced levels.

Added to this, you can opt for a mentorship programme.  The range of forex training facilities that are available can become confusing, to the point where most traders simply opt for the simplest method and that is to try and teach themselves.  The courses or newsletters often take you from learning the basics through to using indicators to determine the best time to trade.  Some of these courses will introduce you to automated systems as well.

It does not matter which course you opt for, be it books, videos, seminars, webinars or a mentorship programme, the information you obtain is more or less the same.  The only difference is the method that is used.

What Forex Training do you Need?

The best forex training for you is the type of course that will hold your interest.  If you are bored or you are lost in a course with no-one to communicate with, you will give up on it.

Most professionals recommend that you should opt for a mentorship programme.  This type of training should reduce the learning process by several months as the interaction you experience is crucial.  The one problem with mentors is that you do not get enough of their time to make your course worthwhile.  They have several students and you could become one of the crowd.  They normally make use of historical information and this is something you can do yourself.

Learning from past events should not be discounted as it will help you in the identification of trends.  You also learn more about the market conditions as history often repeats itself.  What you should try to obtain is a mentor who will work with you in real-time.  This method of learning is very effective as you can sit side-by-side and enter trades.  You will get to understand the reasons for entering and exiting trades.  You will discover if your mentor’s trading method actually works in the live trading market.  It is easy to make use of examples that you know have worked in the past, but trading live is a different matter.  If you are able to find this type of training facility, you will be well on your way to a good forex trading experience.



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