Foreign Exchange Sydney – Saputo Changes

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Foreign Exchange Sydney

Current events like business news are important to foreign exchange Sydney. It can help show us if there is going to be a change in economic stability. Warnambool Cheese and Butter Factory is a part of Saputo, a Canadian dairy company. It has come into the Asian zone specifically through Australia. This company is looking to get into local markets after pulling out of European markets earlier in the year. Europe already has a significant cheese and dairy industry, thus the giant company was unable to perform as it hoped. Looking for better opportunities it has agreed to enter the Asian market. Australia has a trade agreement with Asia that makes it quite interesting to Saputo. There has been an all cash offer for the small Australian company, which will become a part of Saputo since the agreement was accepted. Approval is needed and it will take some time for it to help the economy, thereby helping foreign exchange Sydney.

Big Companies and Foreign Exchange Sydney

Anytime there is a company willing to put some cash into a market there is bound to be a change. In this case the company is agreeing to move operations into Australia to take advantage of the Asian trade agreement Australia has. This can provide better jobs and will certainly provide cash to the market. While the offer has been accepted by the smaller dairy company the FIRB will need to approve the actual sale. The good news is the company is willing to pay a nice little penny for the rights to establish their company in Australia in order to get the Asian market. While Australia does not want the dairy and wheat to be foreign owned it can be a good move forward in a slowdown of economic growth. It is bound to help foreign exchange Sydney on the long term.

The money will not stay in Australia all the time, but there will be foreign investment. Foreign investments are a good thing when economic stability is in question. China can help shore up Australia’s economy, but the country also needs to look for alternative methods. Mining can only last so long before it is no longer the biggest support of a country, which is why Australia is looking around for some better options.

The dairy industry investment might take cash away, but it will initially bring cash in and trade will still be through Australia. Production is through Australia too. Canada will be able to remove some of its earnings, but even that is typically capped by the country of origin meaning that there is only a certain amount of the assets which can be repatriated to Canadian dollars.

Foreign Exchange Sydney sees AUD Increases

The AUD has been in a state of value gain for several months due to USD troubles. It might not gain against all major currencies, but there is significant gain that is hindering a more stable economy. For foreign exchange Sydney the RBA would like to see a lower AUD value for increased trade to shrink the deficit rather than widening it more.




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